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Matthew Frantz Live Music

matthew frantzhttp://matthewfrantz.bandcamp.com/

Matthew Frantz is a maverick in the music world. Not easily pigeonholed, his music is soulful, honest, gritty and relevant to what’s going on in the world now. A few short years ago, Matthew released his album, “Odessa Days” on Ghost Note Records. The album features a broad spectrum of songs, from the melancholy “Silver Dollar Stream” and “Docks” to the driving and dark, “London Honey Bee” and the emotive “Epic Of Harvey Dylan”.

“After four years of building his repertoire of songs and getting comfortable in his new genre, Frantz is ready” – Chip Chandler -Amarillo Globe

“Matthew Frantz’s voice sells itself.  You hear him and think, man, this guy’s the real deal.” – Kyle Dayne – The Art Of Celebration

“…Matthew Frantz is a genuine singer-songwriter who saturates each verse in emotion. Far from weepy though, the Chicago-based… artist got his start with fret-sliding grooves and quiet, breathy moments… swaps those sweet acoustics for a more defiant take on electric folk rock, complete with echo-laden psychedelic strums.” – Kat McReynolds – Mountain Express Asheville


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